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05/08 - 05/14

RISE Training!


Innovative ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone. Here at Rosewood, we'd love to hear your ideas! In our RISE (Raising Ideas and Solutions Effectively) program, you can use your voice to do just that!
Our very own Russ Thompson, who serves on the Rosewood Advisory Board, conducted RISE training for our Rosewood family yesterday and today.


Upcoming Projects!


  • This week at InDemand, we will be starting a new project in Wimauma, FL., which is pronounced "wuh·maa·muh" or "wuh-mama," just in case you were struggling. We are excited to continue to serve all the cities in Florida, along with Tucson, AZ., starting on May 15. 


  •  Shout-out to Liz Adams, Project Manager for InDemand, as her leadership is appreciated in Florida with all the new projects launching in May. 
2 Minute News is a new segment that will provide a quick update on the company's week. The news items will include updates on projects, changes within the company, upcoming company events, promotions, updates with per diem, FAQs, etc.



We are excited to bring a new Safety Quiz for our Field Employees for May!

Take Our Newest Quiz!

Who is most responsible for ensuring you do not experience a back injury? You are. This month, let’s test our awareness about back injuries - how back injuries occur and how to prevent them. 
Answer the questions, memorize them and apply them in your day-to-day work!


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At InDemand Services, we believe spending more time preparing consistently throughout the year ensures everyone is set up for success, whether you are working in the field or the home office.
Click to read all about setting goals!
We have exciting news! You can now make changes to your direct deposit right in ADP! It is secure and easy to do.
By now, you hopefully have registered for your ADP account. If you are one of the 69% of employees who have, you can log in and make changes or even add an account.
The even better news is that you can do this on the ADP App!


Click the link below to find a step-by-step guide to make the changes or add an account in ADP online and in the ADP App. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Human Resources Team.


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  • When sending photos to marketing, please adhere to the Dress Code: IDS shirts tucked in, blue Jeans or khakis (no rips, holes, or tears), approved safety shoes, etc.

Employee Spotlight!



Shout Out of the Week: 

Dolories Colley, Jason Willard, Kristy Rose, Field Reps.


"I'll begin by saying my whole team is amazing because every day is a good day. Dolories, Jason, and Kristy go above and beyond every day. They help anyone they can any time it's needed without hesitation. And I would love for them to receive a bigger shout-out than I can give."
- Kristina Brumley, IDS Supervisor


Happy Workiversary to:
Week 05/08 - 05/14
5 Yrs:
5/12 - Tiffany Ready



Happy Birthday to:
Week 05/08 - 05/14
May 08 - Lasharn Greene
May 10 - Jaleisha McCoy
May 11 - Shelove Dieujuste, Breshona Reasby


The Importance of Empathy in the Workplace
"In this short video, we explain what empathy is, and why it is important in the workplace.
Empathy is a key pillar of Emotional Intelligence, and the ability to use it is key to a successful and productive workplace."


Our Sister Company, ProVantage, has a tremendous need for qualified Leads/Supervisors.

Travel opportunities, Per Diem, and more! 
For more information, contact recruiting@provantage-corp.