The WeeklyDemand

03/20 - 03/26

At InDemand, our "why" is "To multiply the blessings and opportunities that have been put into our trust."

Meredith Rose, Chief Design Marketing Officer, had the brilliant idea of illuminating our "why" in our home office. In partnership with our sister company Penmarc, we were able to display our message brightly.

Thank you, Andy Payne, Josh Silba, and Jonah Andrews, for helping bring this fixture to life!


The end is nearing... that is the end of the month. Don't miss out on your chance to win exclusive InDemand swag! Complete this month's safety quiz on Sexual Harassment Prevention.


Self-Service coming to ADP!

Important News!

Just a reminder that soon you will be able to change your Direct Deposit in ADP. This will be quick, easy, and secure! In order to do this, you must have a registered account in ADP.

We are sending out reminders if you are unregistered, so please register ASAP!
If you are not already registered:
  • You should have received a Registration invitation from ADP in your email containing your Personal Registration Code.
  • Download the ADP Mobile App for free through Apple's®App Store® for iOS devices and Google Play® for Android® devices. Learn more at
  • Click “Create Account” then “I Have a Registration Code” to set up your user ID and password.
    • **Please note – This code expires once used or within 15 days, whichever is earlier. If it has been lost or compromised, you can email to reset the code.  
If you are already registered:
  • Please login to ensure you can access your account.  To test your login, download the ADP mobile app now or visit
  • If you have any trouble logging in, simply email and we will personally assist you!
Once you are logged into your profile, you can view and download pay statements and previous years’ W2s in the PAY menu.
The HR team is here to help, so please let us know if you have any questions or require additional assistance!!


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  • Send us your photos!
  • When sending photos to marketing, please adhere to the Dress Code: IDS shirts tucked in, blue Jeans or khakis (no rips, holes, or tears), approved safety shoes, etc.


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If you know a friend or family member who would be a great fit for IDS, have them apply today! Below, you'll find everything you need to know about the referral process.

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Employee Spotlight!



Joseph Quintana, Field Rep
"Joseph is the YES man! He helps to support his team wherever needed and with a smile on his face. Speedy at any task and a thorough job once completed."


- Liz Adams, Project Manager



Happy Workiversary to:
Week 03/20 - 03/26
Mar 25 - Matt Epps - 13yrs
Happy Birthday to:
Week 03/20 - 03/26
Mar 20 - Starqire Daniel
Mar 21 - Deana Turner  


Mar 22 - Becky Calhoun-Parks, Delana Richardson
Mar 23 - Denise Abundis
Mar 24 - David Davis
Mar 25 - Zalandra Currington, Charisse Hunt, Isaiah Lovett, Zekeiria Robinson
Mar 26 - Bode Farr, Jonathon Gonzalez


“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." 

— George Bernard Shaw

Have you ever talked with a friend about a problem, only to realize that they just don't seem to grasp why the issue is so important to you? Have you ever presented an idea to a group, and it's met with utter confusion? 

Katherine Hampsten describes why miscommunication occurs so frequently, and how we can minimize frustration while expressing ourselves better. 


Did you miss our last Leadership Live? Watch it now to learn about the 9 Medallions Method and become a champion of your life!


Our guest was none other than Kevin D. Carr, an original to Leadership Live. He was once a guest when it was called ProV U!


Kevin is a 20-year sports business and professional development executive, as well as an acclaimed award-winning transition expert, author, leadership coach, and keynote speaker.


Our Sister Company, ProVantage, has a tremendous need for qualified Leads/Supervisors.

Travel opportunities, Per Diem, and more! 
For more information, contact recruiting@provantage-corp.