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09/05 - 09/11

Cruxos is the backbone of everything we do as a company. Without their project management software and technology expertise, InDemand Services would not be the organization it is today. 
Let's celebrate their contributions to our success by getting to know the faces (and the minds) behind Cruxos. This week, we sat down with Systems Support Specialist Ricardo Labra. Enjoy!
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Shout Out of the Week:

Lavyonne Glenn, Supervisor


"Lavyonne Glenn has been a big help on multiple projects on both IDS and ProV. He started as a local hire for a Walmart remodel in February in Niles, IL, and has worked his way up in leadership from NCS to Supervisor. He is currently the lead for the Zephyrhills, FL Walmart remodel and is doing a great job."
- Tiffany Reedy, Junior Project Coordinator


What We Are Made Of: Our 5 Core Values
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Week 09/05 - 09/11
6 Years – Charles Knowles
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Week 09/05 - 09/11


09/05 – Noah Lemus-Barrera, Alex Turner


09/06 – Reginald Hardy, Malcolm Jamerson


09/07 – Racheal Bolling, Thomas Gerren, Dennis Kirkpatrick, Donald Vann
09/08 – Darrel Anthony, Kevozia Bates, Trevor Burns, Mia Claiborne, Ayanna Newsome, Gustavo Villasenor, Maurice Williams


09/09 – Ateriva Bailey, David Barnett, Katrina Bjerke, Rebecca Davis, Jose Juarez, Joan Sandoval
09/10 – Blake Haines, Jeffrey Owens, Sylvia Palacio, Shardae Reynolds, McCordy Solomon, Mariah Tillery, Jamal Waheem
09/11 – Taliyah Francis, Kameren Lofton, Jordan Lucky-Baker, Brooke Parham