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Weekly Wednesday 01/31 - 02/06

“Success is never accidental.”


-- Jack Dorsey

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News of the Day


  • When calling the main number at InDemand, (919) 424-8228, the menu options have changed.  Please listen carefully, press 1 for Recruiting, press 2 for Scheduling, press 3 for Human Resources.
  • Please also remember to communicate via email as well!



Employee Spotlight of The Week!




Our Sister Company, ProVantage has a tremendous need for qualified Leads/Supervisors.
Travel opportunities, Per Diem, and more! 
For more information, contact!



Please make sure the IDS dress code is being followed:


1. Stay Neat and Tucked - IDS shirts must be tucked in and re-tucked as often as needed. Shirts also should be clean and presentable, tucked into a pair of jeans or khakis which are worn with a belt.


2. No Sagging - No shorts or Capri pants of any kind. Only full length, solid color pants (jeans or khakis) are permitted. No baggy or sagging clothing. No holes or tears. A belt should also be worn.


3. Shoes - Shoes should be OSHA approved steel or composite safety-toed shoes.


4. No Food or Drink on the Floor - Food, beverages, cups, and other drinking and eating utensils can cause unsanitary conditions and a less than appealing workplace. Has to do with the hazards and potential for the hazard that this would bring on the floor.


5. No Headphones / Bluetooth - Headphones / Bluetooth phone devices should not be worn during work, they are not only considered non-compliant with our dress code but they are also considered a hazard because they make you unaware of your surroundings and could lead to injury.


All OSHA standards require that employers evaluate workplace hazards and determine whether what is required to ensure the safety and health of employees.


Move With A Sense of Urgency

Urgency is a combination of thoughts, feelings, and actual behavior. The thoughts are, there are great opportunities out there, great hazards. The feelings are a gut-level determination that we’re going to do something now, we’re going to do something to win.


It’s a sense of coming to work each and every day with a commitment to making something happen that’s on the important issues.


Dress and language both affect your success and professional image in the workplace. Whether professional or business casual, your company's dress code sets standards of acceptance. Dressing at or above expectations conveys professionalism and respect for the employer and your colleagues. Using appropriate workplace language also affects your reputation.


The dress code is an integral part of your overall appearance. The way you dress affects your interaction with colleagues and clients. Dressing appropriately for your type of work can improve your confidence and influence the way others perceive you. A colleague may develop a negative attitude toward you if you dress poorly and don't project professionalism. Customers and clients may feel less comfortable with your competence and integrity if your dress doesn't meet their expectations of your position and the work you do.


Happy Workiversary to:
Week 01/31 - 02/06


Feb 4 - Ana Morales, 2 Years


Happy Birthday to:
Week 01/31 - 02/06

Feb 2 -Tykwon Johnson, Frances Kent, Jaleel Whiters